Vortex or not vortex ?

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Here we are in Flagstaff, for few days.
 Flagstaff is located south of Grand Canyon and east of the Valley of Fire, our last campground.
Click here to see our us road trip til now.

After one day of vacation from our vacation, that we obviously spent doing NOTHING, we got into the van to Sedona.
We didn't knew what to expect there, we just heard it was nice and we should go. It seems like it works well sometimes not to know what to expect in advance. This way you almost can't be disappointed, just amazed by what you see and experience. That's how it worked for us today.

So first we went to the information center. Then with a better idea of what we could do and see, we decided upon a small hiking trail to the "cathedral", which looks like that :


It was a really nice hiking afternoon, under the sun. And the view from up there was just amazing...

Sedona is full of places like these, that are supposed to be vortexes, or, spirals of energy. It supposed to make you feel good. Well we did felt good in Sedona, but I think it was more because of the view than the spiritual energy...

We also took the time to visit the Michael Fatali's art gallery. He is taking the coolest pictures of Utah and Arizona'a nature. You can check by yourself here:



Tomorrow we are going to Grand Canyon. And then Monument Valley...

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Merci Troop Troop d'avoir jeté un oeil sur Gandalf! Je crois que Laetitia le brosse dès qu'elle peut...
On pense bien à toi en ce moment; on voit plein de stickers "we support our troops" hehe
as fas as I'm concerned, I think that: if you meet a plate in your trip, make you sure that i'ts really a power plate ( yeah, yeah, yeah..)
me too...
what an amazing view!!!
Bon assez rigolé les english, mimi j'ai vu Gandalf vendredi soir, il est tout beau et a l'air d'aller bien!
Biz à tous les deux et à bientôt...merci pour les magnifiques photos!
Wonderful, j wait the photos...